As a senior, you may be suffering from everyday aches and pains or it could be even worse. Maybe you deal with arthritis, diabetes or another common health issue every day of your life. Walk-in tubs could be your solution.

Finding a way to relieve some of the pain is necessary and a walk-in bathtub can certainly help. These types of tubs, sometimes referred to as handicap tubs, come with plenty of benefits compared to standard tubs. Here are a few of the ways it can actually change your life.

Easy to Enter
The most obvious benefit of a handicap tub is the ability to enter it very easily. You will be able to enjoy the hydrotherapy without struggling to step over the edge of the tub or risk slipping and falling in the process.

The functional and elegant design provides a tub that is higher than a conventional bathtub. However, the design includes a door on the side, which makes it very easy to get in and out. The door has a watertight seal and the tubs provide a built-in seating area.

Soaking Therapy
Many ailments suffered by seniors can be relieved with regular hot water soaking therapy. With a handicap bathtub, it’s possible to get the type of therapy necessary to relieve arthritis, stiff joints, aches and pains at home.

Physicians have studied how warm bathing helps those suffering from arthritis. A study was done in 1998, which showed those bathing regularly in warm water suffered less from stiffness and pain after just three weeks. The Arthritis Foundation has affirmed the benefit of warm water therapy, as well.

Healthier Heart
The Mayo Clinic recently released a study showing that warm water bathing helps to increase the heart rate and lower blood pressure. The cardiovascular benefits of warm water bathing are similar to the benefits of cardio exercise. The study stated that warm water immersion which is possible with a walk-in tub, can help to protect the heart and improve its’ strength.

Reduces Stress
Of course, no longer worrying about how hard it is to get in and out of the tub will provide some stress relieve, but walk-in tubs go even further to relieve stress. Hydrotherapy provides benefits to both the mind and body. With a walk-in bathtub and a built-in spa system, you can experience the pain and stress relieve of hydrotherapy.

Most walk-in bathtubs provide customization for the specific individual. You may be able to upgrade to a spa system for hydrotherapy, choose from a range of style perfect for you and your home or customize your tub in another way. The customization makes it easy to alleviate the fear and vulnerability, while sitting comfortably in the warm bath.

Other benefits include:

  • Provides a safer environment
  • Alleviates fear of bathing for Alzheimer’s suffers
  • Allows seniors to keep their dignity
  • Helps to reduce blood-sugar levels in those suffering from diabetes
  • May help with some sleep disorders

Walk-in tubs provide many benefits for seniors. Easier bathing means less stress, less fear and less worry for family members. You will be able to keep you dignity, while enjoying a safer and easier way to keep up with personal hygiene.

You don’t have to be a senior to use a walk-in bathtub, however. This type of bathing is perfect for anybody struggling to use a conventional bathtub or shower. If you’re looking for where to find walk-in tubs near Walnut Creek, check out Re-Bath. Our Concord showroom is just minutes away.