When remodeling a bathroom, the vanity may become a focal point. The size of the bathroom will make a difference in the choices you will have. However, there’s more to choosing the right bathroom vanity than just the size.

Along with the size, you must determine what style you prefer and what will fit best in the type of bathroom you are remodeling. It makes sense to put a much nicer one in the master bathroom than the guest bathroom. Here are a few things to consider when choosing between the many bathroom vanities on the market.

Start with the Size
It doesn’t make sense to go shopping for vanities without understand the size that will fit best. If you need a smaller or a larger vanity, this will eliminate some of the options, as you shop. Of course, knowing the size will also keep you from falling in love with one that won’t fit in your space.

Matching the Decor
If you’ve already decided on the decor of your bathroom, you will want to shop for a bathroom vanity that matches the decor. However, if you haven’t made your decor decision, you will need to consider the type of decor that will fit with your vanity. The last thing you want is to choose a vanity that doesn’t fit with the decor you were hoping for when remodeling your bathroom.

Consider the Type of Bathroom
Choosing bathroom vanities for the guest bathroom or a shared powder room is quite different from choosing the vanity for the master bathroom. Most homeowners spend more for the master bathroom vanity and it will often be larger compared to the rest of the bathrooms in the house. Take into consideration who will be using the bathroom before starting your search.

Bathroom vanities will require the right lighting. Whether the vanity comes with lighting or not, you need to get this separately because it’s important to consider the lighting while making your selection.

It may be a good idea to eliminate the lighting fixture over the sink and use sconces instead. This can help get rid of the shadow on your face and make it much easier to apply makeup, shave or perform other tasks in the mirror.

Do you Need Storage?
If you are remodeling a bathroom that lacks storage, the vanity may provide the storage you need. When shopping for the right vanity, consider your storage needs. Some come with drawers or cabinets, which can make it very easy to store multiple things you use in the bathroom.

How will it Mount?
Some bathrooms are better off with a free-standing vanity than a wall-mount unit. You may also have the option to put it in the corner. Make sure you consider the different type of mounting options for your bathroom before buying.

There are many other things to consider when making the decision for a new bathroom vanity. Whether you are remodeling every bathroom in your Walnut Creek home or just the master bathroom, the right vanity will make a difference. Make sure you match it to the decor, get enough storage and find the right size for your specific bathroom.

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