Most of us tend to put off an important project when it seems like it might be an overwhelming, all-consuming endeavor. So, Walnut Creek, how long have you been putting off that Walnut Creek bathroom remodel? Trends in home decor evolve over time but sometimes the time can fly fast when it comes to your home. What may have been the latest, most up-to-date look when you bought it, might be severely dated today.

Sometimes trends are driven by technology, opening up options we never had before and now can’t live without. Sometimes it’s just an evolution of your own personal tastes. Whatever the reason, there’s only one way to tackle your remodeling projects and that’s head on.

Tub and Shower Update

Have you looked at your fixtures lately? Years of cleaning, or experiments with the wrong types of cleaners, can take a serious toll. It might be time for an update, and luckily these are easy to replace.

Then there’s that bathtub itself. Does it bring to mind “Lord of the Rings”? Over time those nasty rings can get so etched they look like they’ve been chiseled. One solution is a new DuraBath Solid Surface Polymer bathtub, which will allow you to have a nice, clean tub with a quick wipe down. DuraBath is designed to be long-lasting and low-maintenance.

With new walls of the same material, you’ll have the look of grout without its incredible ability to hang on to soap scum, mold, and mildew. DuraBath actually repels these by-products of everyday use, reducing the amount of cleaning to a minimum. DuraBath also offers many stylish patterns to choose from, including marble. The polymer is warm to the touch, so you not only get all the looks without the maintenance hassles, but you get it without the cold surface.

Toilet Replacement

Still sporting that old toilet that uses 3.5 gallons of water per flush? Sure, it makes that satisfying “whoosh” sound that implies it’s attached to the end of a vacuum hose, but is it still the most efficient system?

There are many new low-flow toilets available today that can use as little as .8 gallons per flush. The latest models are far improved from some of the earlier versions, providing comparable flushing power with a fraction of the water use. With the savings, it is estimated that some models can actually pay for themselves in a year or less! With your current model you may be literally flushing money down the toilet.

The Amazing Bathroom Mirror Upgrade

Installing a Robern Uplift Cabinet will modernize and help eliminate clutter, giving the room a serious style boost in the process. The mirror in a Robern cabinet slides up, rather than swinging open, revealing a large interior space with power outlets for your accessories inside. This allows you to charge them behind the mirror instead of on the sink. The cabinet can also be installed as flush-mount, so you have all of the storage space, charging, and clutter control without having what looks like a large rectangular box attached to your wall.

Conclusion for How to Get with the Times in Walnut Creek

So, take a good long look at your bathroom and make a task list. Although you can do everything at once – which is more cost effective when hiring a professional remodeling company – you don’t necessarily have to. Just set a goal for getting each individual area of improvement done. Start with the smallest first, just to get the ball rolling. You may find that once you get started, your level of enthusiasm for realizing your bathroom remodeling dream may increase dramatically.

Happy remodeling!

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