Bathroom Remodeling is Part of Home Ownership

When it’s time to start planning your Martinez bathroom remodel, it might be time to rethink the entire room first. The chipped or cracked tub. The countertop with the missing piece strategically glued back on that looks like, well, it’s glued back on. The toilet that rocks like you used to 20 years ago. Do you cringe when a guest heads that way, knowing that they’re going to see the etched-in bathtub rings, the towel rack that isn’t quite cooperating, or missing tiles that won’t stay put anymore?

A New Bathroom in Less Than Two Weeks?

Those little bits of ugly just accumulate over time, blending into our landscape. Minor annoyances until the day when you decide it’s time to update everything. Once you see what it could look like versus what it currently does, you’ll wonder why you waited so long. Maybe it’s because you’re expecting a month of dust clouds and noise? There was a time when that might have been true, but today’s technology can put the look of marble in your bathroom so fast it will make your head spin. How about less than 2 weeks for an entire bathroom remodel?

Great Looks With Low Maintenance

Lining or replacing that old tub with new DuraBath SSP polymer products is a great face-lift for the room. Adding walls to match can replace old back splashes and tiles that are difficult to clean. Grout isn’t a very slippery surface, making a great place for mold and mildew to hang out. With high-tech polymers, the surface becomes much easier to clean. The nonporous polymers are also impact resistant and can be wiped clean quickly.

Get Out of the Cold

A nice addition to making your bathroom something that you’ll be proud to show off is the warm feeling of the material. If you’ve ever stepped into a cold tile shower or most of the older bathtubs, that sudden cold shock isn’t a welcome way to get your day started. Polymer products have a warm feel to them, so you can ease into your day instead of be catapulted into it.

Call Re-Bath Today!

If you’re in Martinez and looking to remodel your bathroom into a warm, cozy place in one of the latest styles, contact Re-Bath today. We’ll send someone out to show you the options and give you a no-surprise quote on your dream remodel today!