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One of the most important considerations for any home improvement project is to make it as stress-free as possible. And that’s why so many home owners have chosen Re-Bath as their bathroom remodeling professionals.

At Re-Bath, we specialize in bathroom remodels that are high quality, economical, and completed quickly.

Your remodel can be completed in only two days if we are only remodeling the “wet area” of the shower or tub, or in two weeks or less if we are doing a complete floor to ceiling remodel.

bathroom shower makeover

Traditional Bathroom Renovation vs. Re-Bath Renovation

With a traditional bathroom renovation, a contractor, and multiple sub-contractors, may take up to three or four weeks to complete a job. Delays are commonplace and the uncertainty of a not knowing when the job will finish can cause unnecessary stress.

At Re-Bath, we wait until all the materials for your bathroom are in-hand BEFORE we start the demolition of your bathroom. This way, we minimize any delays due to items being out of stock or lost in transit. Once the installation has begun, our professionally trained employees will continue working on your project until the job is complete.

Our crew will make sure to cover the flooring in other areas of your home to keep everything clean during demolition and construction. They’ll clean up after themselves at the end of each day. Then we’ll follow up with you to insure you are completely satisfied with our work. Our clients are so satisfied, they’ll often ask us to remodel a second or third bathroom!

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