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Walk-In Tub Designs that Offer Safety, Comfort & Convenience

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Walk-In Tub or Handicap Tubs

For individuals with physical limitations or disabilities, the every day routine of getting in and out of a bath or shower can pose significant risk of injury. For that reason, your best solution for ensuring a safe, comfortable bathing experience is a walk-in bathtub from ReBath.

Walk-in tubs from ReBath can replace your existing tub and provide peace of mind to you and your loved ones.

Ease of Use & Therapeutic Benefits

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For those with limited mobility, a safety bathtub, or handicap tub, is easier to get in and out of due to the short rise in the landing of just a few inches vs. a traditional tub side of up to 18 to 24 inches.

Models are available with powerful massage jets and/or effervescent bubbles, depending on your preference. The therapeutic benefits of a jetted bathtub are significant for those with back pain, diabetes, neuropathy and sciatica. Tubs come with a non-skid floor, a seat and grab bars in key places to make the tub accessible. They also provide a hand held shower head that is convenient for washing your hair.

ADA Compliant Bathrooms

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The Americans with Disabilities Act sets guidelines for walk-in bathtubs that are designed to allow people to bathe independently, without regard to age or physical condition. ReBath understands the importance of following ADA guidelines, offering only those products which meet these high standards.

When you visit ReBath’s Concord showroom, you’ll find a walk-in bathtub for every taste and in a variety of styles. Our design specialists can help you choose the one that best fits your special needs or handicapped bathroom.

As part of the installation of our jetted walk-in tub, we will finish the flooring and wall area around your tub so it looks like it’s always been there and will fit with your bathroom décor. Contact ReBath today to learn more about our line of safe and attractive walk-in baths.

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