A Variety of Quality Bathroom Toilets at Re-Bath

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It goes without saying that no bathroom would be complete without this particularly important fixture. And for many bathrooms – especially smaller ones – it can be the centerpiece of the entire room.

Whether your bathroom is shared, private or for guests, having an attractive and comfortable toilet is something everyone will appreciate!

Re-Bath is your best choice for bathroom toilets, and we can install them as part of a complete bathroom remodel. With such a wide variety of styles and colors, we have the design to match the décor of any bathroom.

Choosing the Perfect Toilet for Your Bathroom

toilet from re-bath by schicker

You’ll want to consider several things in your choice of a toilet:

  • Flush power – To conserve water, a low-flow toilet model is best. Some models include a lower setting flush power for liquid waste and a higher flush power for solid waste.
  • Bowl shape – You can select a round toilet bowl that fits well in smaller spaces, or if space is available you can consider an elongated bowl shape that is more comfortable to sit on.
  • Height – Chair height toilets (16 ½”) are ADA compliant. They are taller than a standard toilet making it easier to use for those with mobility issues. A standard height toilet (14-15 inches high) is most commonly used and is sufficient in most bathrooms.

In addition, you can choose the style that best fits your décor. Many manufacturers have lines with matching styles of toilets and pedestal sinks that give a consistent look to your bathroom. Most lines come in a variety of colors in white and biscuit (off-white) versions.

So, whether you prefer to call it a commode, a loo, lavatory or throne, there’s no denying the importance of this indispensable bathroom fixture. Contact Re-Bath today for a look at our complete line of fashionable and functional quality toilets.

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