Custom Made Luxury Shower Doors for Your Bathroom

shower doors from re-bath

Since each shower door is custom made, your Re-Bath designer can help you choose from a wide variety of glass, handles, and hinges to customize the look of your bathroom. They can also suggest a custom edge on the shower door to complement your design.

Shower Enclosures Featuring Advanced Technology

fleurco shower enclosure

We offer Diamon-Fusion protection as an option on many shower doors and shower enclosures, including a frameless shower door and tub and shower enclosures. This patented process protects the surface of the glass with a permanent transparent seal that bonds to the glass.

diamon fusion protection for shower doors

Glass treated with Diamon-Fusion sheds water quickly, greatly reducing the amount of cleaning needed for your shower door. This technology transforms the surface to repel oil and water, making it much easier to clean. Since a lesser amount of oil and water is sticking to the surface, fewer deposits such as soap scum, hard water stains or other undesirable contaminents remain which make the glass surface spotty and unattractive.

With Diamon-Fusion, you’ll also enjoy these benefits:

  • The need to clean the glass less frequently
  • Better hygiene in the bathroom from reduced bacteria and mold
  • A cleaner and more environmentally-friendly bathroom
  • Glass that is resistant to scratches
  • Glass that resists calcium and sodium buildup from hard water

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