Bathroom Mirrors of All Shapes, Sizes and Styles

bathroom mirror and cabinet

Re-Bath carries a wide selection of bathroom mirrors and bathroom medicine cabinets, from classic to modern, we provide the form to make your bathroom function well.

Finding the Perfect Mirror for Your Bathroom

bathroom mirrors from re-bath

The perfect mirror combines size, style, and a choice of options to make it uniquely yours. Your mirror or medicine cabinet can act as an accessory in your bathroom to reinforce the atmosphere you want to create. Choose from traditional, art deco, contemporary or modern glamour lines. Within these styles, choose from framed or frameless mirrors. Then choose the function you need in your bathroom to conquer bathroom clutter.

Whether it’s plenty of storage, or electrical outlets to hide appliances, there are a variety of cabinet configurations to meet your needs. Some cabinets even come with a built-in magnifying mirror that’s perfect for applying makeup.

Installing Your Bathroom Mirror

modern bathroom mirrors and cabinets

Before choosing your cabinet one of the important questions to ask youself is; how much modification are you willing to accept for installation? Would you rather hang the medicine cabinet on a wall, or are you comfortable with having a section of your wall removed in order to mount the cabinet between the studs?

  • Surface-Mount – These cabinets mount flush inside your wall, so there’s no cutting necessary.
  • Recessed – This cabinet is installed between the studs inside your wall. We’ll carefully and accurately remove a section of the wall to put in place the cabinet framework.
  • Dual-Mount – This cabinet is installed as either recessed mount or surface-mount.

After you’ve decided on a selection of cabinets that work best for your bathroom, you can start looking at additional features, such as shelving, frame type, hinge swings and more. Visit the Re-Bath showroom or contact us today for a look at our entire line of beautiful bathroom mirrors.

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