Choosing the Right Bathroom Flooring for Your Home

bathroom floor tile

When choosing your bathroom flooring you’ll want to consider not only the maintenance and comfort of the product, but also how it fits into the design of your bathroom. Our design specialists can show you a wide range of styles and surface materials to help you find exactly the right look and feel for your bathroom floor.

Wide Variety of Bathroom Flooring Styles & Materials

bathroom floor tile from re-bath

Re-Bath carries a wide variety of bathroom floors, including bathroom tiles and updated vinyl options that look like stone, wood or tile. Vinyl is generally softer under foot, warmer, and doesn’t have the grout that porcelain tiles have. Porcelain, ceramic or stone tile may be harder and colder on the feet, but come in a wide variety that can create everything from sophisticated to rustic décor.

Vinyl or tile choices are best for a bathroom vs. carpet, which is never a good idea, or hard wood. Wood and carpet don’t mix well with water making your flooring difficult to maintain. The solid non-porous materials of tile or vinyl are best for allowing easy cleaning when water drips on the floor.

Bathroom Tile Installation

bathroom floor tile installation

When Re-Bath installs porcelain, ceramic or stone bathroom tiles, a special liner and grout are used. This floating system responds to movement in the infrastructure better than traditional tile, minimizing any cracking or chipping of tiles or grout.

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