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ReBath Tubs Clean Easier and Last Longer

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ReBath’s DuraBath SSP™ bathroom tubs offer numerous advantages over cast iron, pressed steel and fiberglass units. The SSP stands for Solid Surface Polymer, which consists of durable high-gloss finish that won’t dent, rust, peel or crack like most tubs. As a result, they’re easier to clean and maintain, and provide many more years of use and enjoyment. The DuraBath surface is even warm to the touch, providing a more luxuriant and comfortable bathing experience.

Finding the Right Bathtub for Your Remodel

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When choosing a bathtub, your ReBath designer will help you navigate the possible choices to have the best tub for your situation. Here are a few important considerations:

  • Size – how much room do you have in your bathroom? Do you want a freestanding tub and separate shower, or is a tub/shower combination the best option for your space?
  • Style – Do you want a built in or freestanding tub? If you choose a freestanding tub, do you want a traditional style or a more modern, contemporary style?
  • Fit – Be sure and sit in the tub and “try it on for size” to make sure it’s comfortable for you
  • Quality – Choose quality over price since you’ll have your tub for a long time. Don’t short change yourself by choosing the least expensive model if it isn’t a comfortable fit that works in your bathroom. You’ll only regret it later.
  • Materials – Once you see the long-lasting quality of ReBath’s tubs made from our proprietary DuraBath material, you’ll love to have it in your home

Ask the Bathtub Experts!

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Get ideas for your bathtub remodel in our showroom where you’ll see a variety of styles and colors including even a cheap bathtub. ReBath also carries wide selection of walk-in tubs. Whatever your budget or needs, ReBath offers the perfect bathtub remodel for your bathroom.

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